Audio Visual

Maritronics-Bahrain specialise in the design and build of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Systems for installation in Bahrain and other GCC States….Systems such as these require a high degree of technical skill and professionalism in order to be completed satisfactorily, and, in any installation, certain functions will need to be carried out, namely, .

  • Research
  • System Design
  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Information and Training
  • After-sales Service

All of these are routinely carried out to a high standard by Maritronics-Bahrain, whether as part of an overall project or as individual services to the customer.

A number of clients prefer a total "turn-key" service, from research, consultancy and installation, to training and after sales service.

Maritronics-Bahrain have successfully installed major presentation facilities within the following environments.

  • Boardrooms
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Training Centres
  • Auditoria
  • Video Conference Rooms
  • Visitor Centre

Wireless & Telemetry

Maritronics-Bahrain are associated with renowned products in the area namely

  • Seaboard Electronic Systems
  • Zetron Inc.
  • Kenwood Communications

Zetron's SCADA & Telemetry products use radio or wireline links to monitor and control remote sites from a system controller. Fluid levels, pressure, temperature, power, etc. from the transducer outputs are transmitted from remote sites back to a central display and controller. The controller can also switch relay outputs at remote sites to start motors, open valves, etc.

Zetron is world leader in manufacture of a wide range of wireless communications systems. Zetron Model 640 DAPT Extra is at the heart of the Nation-wide Private Paging System successfully installed and commissioned by Maritronics for the Salmaniya Medical Centre.

Wireless Communication equipment from Kenwood Communication such as Handheld Radios, Base stations, Repeaters, etc have a satisfied clientele.

Besides the local references, Maritronics can cite several international installations where the Seaboard and Zetron products are the backbone of SCADA & Telemetry applications.


We design and supply large Satellite Master Antenna TV systems. Kathreein from Germany is the state - of - the - art system represented by us.


We design and supply large Public Address & Background Music systems. Bouyer of France and UDE of Spain are the manufacturers that are represent in the field of sound reproduction and re-enforcement.