Maritronics, the AV entertainment systems and home automation specialists of UNEECO group has also entered into hospitality industry with High Definition Interactive TV systems. This entertainment and information system is entirely digital and is capable of providing a host of interactive guest entertainment and hotel management services across a single Cat5e cable network using IP. The highlight of this system is that we can provide a hybrid Interactive TV solution to the hotel rooms with existing coaxial cable infrastructure available at the site. Also, in case of new installations, THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT FOR A CO-AXIAL CABLING INFRASTRUCTURE TO THE GUEST ROOMS.

Typical services include, but are not limited to:

TV channels
Ordering of hotel services
Internet access
Intranet services
Housekeeping and engineering services
Interactive PowerTV magazine – as guest service and revenue stream
Links to hotel’s PMS

The system is capable of delivering simultaneous multicast streams to any number of concurrent guests. The system is operated via a simple remote control.

HITV system Description:

A typical HITV system consists of an IPTV system is for approx. 50 Free to Air channels from satellites. The IF output from the LNB’s with respective polarities are fed into the gateway streamer input which will be plugged in the IPTV server. The channel allocation is managed within the server using the corresponding software’s. This will eventually get into the ITV central managed server and been streamed, the average size of the channel will be 4.5Mbps. The guest room is equipped with a digital set top box (SBB), wireless keyboard and remote control and the Central Management server monitors/control each hotel Set Back Box.

Each of the Set Back Box has a unique ID (IP Address) and that’s the main basis of the system differentiation.

A middleware software is used to configure the Set Back Box to receive the multicast responses over the network and to configure the channel list as per the Multicast streams. Multicast streams are received and dropped as per the request from Guest Remote Control by the Set Back Box over the Network. Any Set Back Box from the Guest rooms can join and drop the Multicast stream to view the channels. IPTV Service is an MPEG-2 stream and is received and dropped as and when there is a request by the Set Back Box which is initiated again using the Guest remote control.