APC Schneider Electric Launches New Generation UPS : MGE Galaxy 3500

“The most efficient general-purpose UPS from standard electrical rooms to demanding industrial environments”

Avail Able Range –

3:3 phase, 10-40 kVA
3:1 phase, 15-40 kVA

  • Double Conversion On-Line Topology
    • For zero transfer time and perfect regulation
    • Power factor = 0,8
  • Compact size
    • 2 form factors for optimized footprint
  • Hot Scalable runtime
    • Modular hot-swappable batteries
  • Best-in-class efficiency
    • Up to 96% for reduced cost of ownership
  • Parallel up to 4 units (on 3:3 version)
    • For capacity or redundancy
  • Robust construction
    • NEMA12 / IP51 for industrial environments

Performance power protection for mission-critical applications

  • A general-purposes UPS with excellent efficiency and optimized footprint:
    • Hot swappable batteries and module-level repair provide serviceability and reduced Mean Time To Repair. Flexible and scalable runtime provides optimized battery investment.
    • Dual mains input and built-in maintenance bypass switch provide high system availability.
  • Particularly adapted to demanding industrial environments:
    • Heavy duty design with reinforced steel plates, NEMA 12 / IP51 top plate and heavy gate steel front protect the UPS against hard handling, dirt, and dripping liquids.
    • Easy replaceable air filters prevent dust and debris from affecting UPS performance.
  • Economy:
    • Input power factor correction.
    • Temperature-compensated battery charging.
    • Efficiency: up to 96%