Leak detection System for Data center

From: TTK France

It’s always recommend, the use of a protection continuously in Data Centres / DR sites from the risk of water leakage. A water leak detection system is very simple, very effective & very useful.

Principle of Operation

Various sense cables are connected to others to form one or more detection circuits. Jumper cables and/or diversion sockets can intercalate them. The detection and the localization of a leak or a cable break are carried out on the each sense cable by an electronic circuit integrated into the end of the cable.

The Digital Unit questions each sense cable individually. The sense cable transmits possible information of the problem to it. The Digital Unit recognises its name and shows the characteristics of the problem: type of defect, localization, date and time. There can be as many defects detected as cables installed. The localization of each leak will be given to within one metre.

Liquid Leak Detection :

More generally, when a conducting liquid is in contact with a point on the sense cable placed in one of the protected rooms:

  • Activation of an audible alarm and luminous on Controller ( Digital Unit ).
  • The witness of the zone at fault passes from the green to the red.
  • Displaying of the denomination (name associated with the sense cable) and of the localization in meters of the break point on the illuminated LCD screen on the FG-SYS Controller.
  • Displaying of the date and the time of the beginning of the defect.
  • The contacts of defect are activated (possible configuration in NO or NC).
  • Information is transmitted in mode JBUS on exit RS232/RS485

FG-SYS Digital Controller:

A water leak detection system consists of a Leak Detection Panel , Leak sensing cable, which are pre-finished, are connected to each other, depending on the risks considered.


FG-EC Sense Cables:

The water sense cables will be placed under the false floors or false ceilings according to the environment, in the various buildings to be protected, by taking care to encircle the air-conditioners and drains. The sense cables are fixed flat on the ground using fixing clips.

Sense cable FG-EC is the latest generation of sense cable manufactured by TTK in our French Plant; they are resistant, fireproofed and consequently a non-propagator of fire; their construction is studied to avoid any alarm other than that caused by the presence of a conducting liquid, like water. The sense cable consists of 4-spiral wires around a blue central core in fireproofed PELD. Three families of sense cables allow detecting all types of liquid:

  • Water and Bases -FG-EC Type.
  • Acids - FG-AC Type
  • Hydrocarbons and Solvents - FG-HC2 Type. The Hydrocarbon and Solvent cables have a different construction from that described previously. They detect instantaneously and are reusable after detection.

Telephone cables (Belden type) are used to ensure continuity between each circuit of sense cables and the digital unit. Digital System FG-SYS is composed of sense cables "intelligent" , which communicate with a FG-SYS Digital Unit. In the event of presence of liquid on one of the sense cables, this one communicates information with the FG-SYS Digital Unit, which starts an audible and luminous alarm. The localization of the leak appears on a display that indicates the name of the room or the equipment where the exact location of the leak is to within one metre. The date and the time of the occurrence of the defect are also specified.

TTK TOP Surveillance Software :

The supervision of the FG-SYS Digital Units is achieved using the JBUS protocol and the serial
link RS232C or RS422/485. The use of the JBUS protocol permits downloading all the useful information from the central units to the PC and the association of the digital data about the liquid leaks with a pin-pointing representation of the alarms on the map of the supervised area.

The TOP Surveillance® is supervising software developed especially for the liquid leaks detection and location FG-SYS Digital Unit. This software is installed on a PC or another Microsoft Windows-compatible workstation. The electrical connection between the PC and the supervised central units is based on the PC’s serial port and the serial interface of the FG-SYS Digital Unit.

Role of BCSC :

We are proud to inform that “Bahrain Computer Support Center” a division of “UNEECO” Group of Companies representing “TTK Leak detection system” in the KINGDOM Of Bahrain. We have professional trained engineers to provide 24/7/ 365 days round the clock service.

Case Study:

Recent month BCSC received order for “TTK Water Leak Detection System” for the ARCAPITA Data Center Project.

BCSC proposed water leak detection system, was unique compared to the conventional leak sensor cables by the competitors. We could able to get success due to unique mapping feature of “TTK” TOP Surveillance Software.

“TTK” TOP Surveillance Software enables customer to detect the location of leak through the software with no time. Which minimizes the down time of the equipment and precaution can be taken immediately to protect the critical equipments of that particular area of the Data Center. More over thanks to the “J-Bus” protocol which enables the customer to completely integrate the system with the Centralized BMS system.