UNEECO is passing through another successful year of its operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Looking back, the half year operations have been satisfactory while taking into account the global recession that had its effect internationally.
One of the major landmark achievements of the group during the year has been the completion of its Multipurpose building structure in HIDD. The external structure has been completed and the management hopes to complete the other aspects by

the close of the year. While the factory and warehouse would be relocated to the new premises in another couple of months’ time, it will take some more time for the administrative offices to shift.

We hope that the company would complete the year 2009 on a winning note with the whole hearted co- operation of all of you.


We have been hearing about these “three letters” for quite some time now. This article is just an attempt to throw an abstract light on some of the aspects of ERP.
ERP is often referred as the mother of all software systems, as it touches every aspect in an organization. Also the full implementation cycle of ERP is likened to the child birth. A mother conceives and delivers the baby after 10 months. . . Read more »

New Range of Contactor

UNEECO as a franchised panel builder of Schneider Electric, attests the quality of workmanship by carrying out the 3 individual routine tests specified in IEC standard.

  1. Inspection of assembly including inspection of wiring and electric operations.
  2. Dielectric test
  3. Checking of protective measures and of the electrical continuity of the protective circuits.

The Annotator

Extron Electronics new Annotator is a unique device which promises to solve the problems of the conference room. Enterprises put a lot of value on the conference rooms as this is a place where collaboration takes place. The Extron’s newly released Annotator takes this collaboration to a new level. Read more »

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Leak detection System for Data center »

Flame Detector FV300 »

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