HID Multi-Class Reader

New Product Launch


RP15, RP40 and RPK40


Simple Migration – From the most popular proximity technologies to iCLASS.

Powerful Options – Provides flexible options for processing multi-technology cards and configuring the reader’s audio/visual characteristics.

GSA approved – Included in the U.S General Services Administration (GSA) FIPS 201 Approved Products List.

Dual Factor Authentication (RPK40 only) - Combine contactless card presentation with PIN.


The multiCLASS™ family of card readers is designed for customers upgrading their current card system from the most popular proximity technologies to iCLASS® credentials. With the RP40, RPK40 and RP15 readers, the customer has the ability to transition to smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities.

The multiCLASS reader line provides enhanced security through mutual authentication and data encryption. HID, Indala and other popular proximity technologies are supported by multiCLASS. Save on system configuration costs by keeping system upgrade simple. Whether reading proximity, iCLASS or multi-technology cards, identical user identification data formats are sent to the panel. Unlike competitor products, HID multiCLASS readers support all HID and Indala Proximity formats, including Corporate 1000, long and FlexSecur.

Only the multiCLASS family of products provides true iCLASS security, the ease of proximity technology, the power of smart cards and the confidence of choosing HID, the worldwide leader in access control.

Unique Read Selection

  • Enable iCLASS, proximity or both technologies at the same time.
  • Multiple data outputs available when multi-technology card is presented depending on preference.
  • Configuration cards configure the reader to custom installation requirements.
  • Reads: 125 kHz – HID, Indala or AWID Proximity
  • 13.56 MHz – iCLASS, ISO 15693 CSN (MyD, ICODE, Tag-it), ISO 14443A CSN (MIFARE®, DESFire®), US Government PIV, ISO 14443B CSN, FeliCa™ IDm

Seamless Upgrade

  • Same HID and Indala Proximity reader features and format compatibilities.
  • Same wiring, power and interface as many popular proximity readers in the market today.
  • All Corporate 1000 formats can be migrated.
  • For additional security, our iCLASS Elite program is available with iCLASS credentials.
  • Wiegand or Clock-and-Data outputs easily interface with existing access control panels.
  • The RPK40 combines a contactless card presentation with a personal identification number (PIN) tosupport dual factor authentication of identity.
  • The RP15 is a mullion form factor drop-in replacement for the HID MiniProx.